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Gamma Radiation Process Flow

Surgical/Medical/food & allied products pre-packed in standard card board boxes/ drums/ bags/ containers, etc are received from clients.

These boxes/packs are put manually in the Aluminum totes and these totes are ferried from outside of radiation cell chamber to the inside of the chamber through a labyrinth, around the source and brought out of the cell by means of a product conveying system. [The encapsulated Cobalt-60 source is loaded on to the source rack. A lowering and lifting device ensures that the source is lowered into an underground water-pool in the cell chamber when not in use.]

The loading station is equipped with roller bed type of loading and unloading conveyor. The process comprises of loading of fresh boxes/ packs in the totes, which changes its position to the next level after one round around the source and so on and ejecting out of the system automatically.

There is a change in the side of totes, automatically, when the tote is traversing over the two passes in the immediate vicinity of the source to ensure better exposure.

The cycle time for the conveyor relates to the time duration in which one box/ pack is loaded and unloaded in the system. This is also dependent on the source strength and the process dose, which would vary with the type of goods to be irradiated. The ejected box/ pack is manually removed from the unloading tote.

The dosimeters are placed for dose measurement in regular intervals. After the tote comes out at the unloading stations, the dosimeter is removed and tested in the in-house laboratory. If the results are as per the requirement of the client, the lot is released for dispatch to the client. A Certificate of Irradiation is provided to the clients mentioning the dose delivered.

The products contained in the irradiated boxes/ packs remain absolutely safe for use till they are opened and can be immediately used by the client.

Process Flow

Our Process